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Kind Words from Clients

I've never been touched in my soul space quite like with Nichola, she really has a divine angelic gift I've not come across before. Thank you for changing my life Nicky, I'll continue working with you and recommending you! 

E Laynen

I have met a few gifted people in my time and Nichola is definitely one of those, you feel blessed to have known such an honest and humble person. Her Aura or as we say in New Zealand her Mana is very strong and would highly recommend her services to anyone and I say this with love and light. 

Alex King

I just had an absolutely amazing reading with Nicky, and I am blown away! I feel like a new person, so empowered. I am so grateful! The reading was so in-depth and accurate I'm blown away. Nicky is gifted, talented and caring. She helped me so much! I highly highly highly recommend a reading from Nicky ❤❤❤

Marianne Martin

Nichola's healing sessions have made me peel back the layers and step into myself or the new me I should say. After going through a few tough years including divorce seeing Nichola has changed my outlook on life and myself. I have learned to connect to my feminine essence, something I had strived for throughout my life. Thank you blessed angel, you have given me a second life. Don't hesitate to see Nichola, she will change your life.

Annie D

I was so nervous going to my first appointment, I was recommended by a friend to come and I am somewhat of a skeptic but not anymore. I ended up loving our appointment and it opened my mind! 

I see Nichola whenever I feel I need some help or direction, a cleansing/clearing or rebalance and she is the best and easiest to person to talk to and share your inner thoughts, her psychic guidance always is on point. 

Sammy Tinsen

As someone who has dealt with chronic pain and a somewhat victim mindset, the quantum healings have made an overall change in my health and mental state. I am in awe of Nichola's abilities, she is a real healer. Thank you many times over.

Tim M

Wow Nichola is AMAZING!!!
I just had a distance healing with her and it was awesome!
She is so gifted and a beautiful Soul!
I highly highly recommend her!
Love And Light Beautiful thank you so so much feeling on top of the world! 

Tina D

I do weekly sessions with Nichola for mentoring and my life has changed in a wonderful way. I have "level'd up!" as I like to say!! I am now more confident in not just who I am but my abilities as a lightworker have become out of this world... ACTUALLY!!! I trust and feel all of my multidimensional self...Nichola you are such a great Spiritual leader and I am honoured to have crossed paths with you. With all my love dear one ...

Jess Louis

UNREAL. Nichola is such a beautiful soul. I felt so connected & at ease. Intuitive healing was unexplainable - totally amazing. Thank you babe!! Xx

Jasmine Hambley

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