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Reset the energy in your home or office and feel the shift in every aspect of your life. Our homes are our sacred sanctuaries where we experience the entire range of our human emotions. These energies and emotions can remain for a long time causing confusion, chaos and repeated events. A space clearing will clear and retune your home into Harmony. 

Perfect for a refresh after major life events, for selling your home, moving into your new home, starting a new business or when you feel stagnant and stuck. 

Space clearings include smoke cleansing with sacred herbs, sound vibrational clearing with blessings, removing of old energy, spirits/entities and clearing negative energetic portals with a full Source light clearing and a energetic crystalline grid of protection and prosperity is created over your space.

45 minutes - please ensure the least amount of people are home to avoid disruptions.


Prices for within 15km of Scarborough. Within the Perth Metro area. Further distances and large office spaces will incur a surcharge, please email to discuss.

Please note: This does not include personal healings for members of the household, feel free to email regarding interest in group healings/ceremonies.

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