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I'm Nichola. A Psychic Healer who has stepped into my role as an Ascension Guide, templating a 5D reality as we shift and return to Unity of self and rise as a collective consciousness​.

I hold your heart space with compassion and understanding throughout all sessions, and am here to assist you with healing and integrating so your dark becomes your spark, to heal and collapse timelines and traumas which no longer serve, activating your light body. Heal yourself, heal the world.

As an Empath, Healer and Conduit since birth - I have grown and awakened further both through spontaneous activations and initiations over the years. I've explored, harnessed, activated and learnt to control my gifts and dive deep within the quantum realm to understand more about our multidimensionality. I have endured the Dark Night of the Soul, deep shadow work and Awakenings and Activations throughout my journey, bringing in a resonance of understanding from me to you. As a psychic medium I open the gateway to beyond and as a sacred space holder you are always safe.

I spent years living and travelling through the world - A majority of my time in South America where I lived for two years being divinely guided to train and work alongside Shamans and Healers.


I have been Gridworking, activating at Sacred Sites and working deeply to reconnect and create new ley lines and energetic portals for the Earth.

I honour my time in the depths of my soul, the outer realms and the world -  gridworking, learning, healing and activating and am grateful to share my offerings with you.

Love, Nichola

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