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In-depth Multidimensional Healings

First time healing session with Nichola?

Unsure which is right for you? Please book this session.

1.5 hrs

As a multidimensional energy Healer I connect to Source and dive deep into the Quantum Space, connecting to your subconscious and assist with creating major transformation in your life through finding blockages and core belief systems that require changing - those that are holding you back and no longer serving you, releasing old traumas and wounds, clearing contracts, grief, vows, oaths, curses whilst holding your space both professionally and with heart.


Each session varies pending your needs at the time and can include deep energetic healing; cellular reprogramming, DNA activations including: 12 Strand Activation, upgrades, cosmic downloads, light language and light code activations, Entity and Implant Removals, Past Life Regression, bringing forward animal totems, star family healings, shifting old grief and loss and anchoring of Divine energies.

I believe working through the depths of your shadow self allows you to heal traumas, find your soul purpose and clear your energy, evolving you into sovereignty of self, so you can ultimately create your reality on your highest and best timeline.


After the quantum work your energies are realigned, chakras cleared and opened and life force healing ensures you are rebalanced, relaxed and grounded when you leave. Please ensure you have time to yourself post-sessions as it's important to be gentle with yourself and integrate the new energies.


Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Healing - all four levels are accessed during a session with me, so whether you're experiencing physical or emotional problems or energetic/spirit related we can find the root cause and heal it together. Negative frequencies such as depression, anxiety, drug/substance abuse, sleep disturbance/paralysis, grief, hexes, curses, soul contracts, entity control and deep removal of layers of conditioning, including collapsing repeated patterns on timelines in this and past lives,

can all be worked on.

Entity & Spirit Removals - I am called on often for entity removals, from children and adults to homes and work places, this is an area I am well versed in. Please book the in-depth session if you are feeling an entity attachment, sleep paralysis/disturbed sleep/dreams and unwanted spirit activity or get in touch for a space clearing of your home.

Want a combination of a reading and healing?

Please book this session. 

Exchange: $144



Intuitive Healing


Intuitive Healings are 60 minutes and a pure energy healing session for what you need at the time. A full frequency healing is called in, clearing any energy that no longer serves you, blockages are shifted, your energy field and chakras are realigned and you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Intuitive healings use a variety of healing modalities I have mastered as well as my own channeled techniques. A great session for regular energetic maintenance

after the in-depth healing.

Bookings & Availability

Exchange: $111

Children's sessions: $77 45minutes - please email to discuss.

All sessions are available via distance through Zoom, over the phone or a recorded session emailed through. Please add your request in the message section when booking.

Nichola is a Master Healer who uses her own multidimensional healing modality, depending your needs. Every session is personalised, non-judgemental and conducted in a safe, friendly and calming environment.Qualifications: Bachelor of Communications,

Advanced DNA Theta Healer, Advanced Angelic Lyran Healer and instructor, Reiki Master and Past Life Regression hypnosis. WWCC.

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