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Need guidance from beyond the veil? Come in for a reading and see what is going on for you at this time, what's coming up in your timeline and what you need to shift.


As a Psychic Medium and Empath I do not need tools for readings, I channel from Source, however oftentimes use a combination of Divination tools (Oracle and Tarot cards, crystals, pendulums) and mediumship,  whichever I am drawn to when I connect with my higher self and your Spirit.


Discovering what is on your divine path/Soul 's journey can bring you guidance, clarity, direction, renewed hope and healing. Shadow points can come through so you can move effortlessly through the challenges and evolve.


Stuck on what you should be focusing on? Unsure which direction to move forward? Want to connect to a past loved one?

Please book in for a reading. I feel into your energy and that which surrounds you and am a highly accurate psychic.


60 min - $100

30 min - $70

Two person/couple 60 min - $150

Group readings - email for quote

12 Archetypes card reading via email - $70

Readings are individual for single person only, no visitors will be allowed to join, please book a two person session if you would like two people to attend. All readings can be conducted in person, over the phone or via video chat. Please add your preference to the message when booking.

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