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8 or 10 week Mentoring

Your mentoring package is made specific for you, tailored to where you're at on your journey and what you require to expand. We run through ways to transmute, protection, clearings, downloads, what it means to absorb and release other people's emotions, your Soul purpose and origin, working with elementals and the Sacred rays, Ascension into 5D and more.

There will be 8 or 10 lesson sessions related to your Ascension work - these provide you with information, tools and exercises, a sacred ceremony to anoint you, two healing sessions (10 week), a full psychic reading and 1 card guidance reading per week.

This is available in person at my healing studio or online via Video sessions, phone or email.

This is an entirely one on one program and I only work with two clients at any time for mentoring, so we can deeply connect and work together to ensure maximum growth, expansion and deep understanding of your energy field and mission on Earth.


I aim to deepen your connection with self and Source whilst healing the heart space.​

Psychic Mentoring

An 8 week mentoring package around enhancing and increasing your intuition and psychic gifts.

For all mentoring enquiries please email directly and you will be sent an application form.

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