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Third Eye Elixir - psychic activation essence

Third Eye Elixir - psychic activation essence


For the mystics and seers, the enchanted and evolving beings. 💫

Attune to your gifts, open your third eye and expand your clair senses and abilities with this sacred crystal essence. 💧

This potent elixir is created in ceremony, attuned to the third eye chakra at 218Hz through Tibetan singing bowls, infused with loving healing energy, psychic activations, light codes, sealed with light language & contains crystal essences of Purpurite, Lapis Lazuili, Ameythyst, Fluorite, Moldavite & Clear Quartz. 🥣💠💎👽


Work with this sacred elixir to activate and enhance your psychic abilities. Perfect during meditation, mediumship and divination practice or work 💖


Handcrafted in Western Australia with natural and organic ingredients, vegan, alcohol free.


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