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ENCODED ART Custom Light Code

ENCODED ART Custom Light Code


A personal light code, unique to your energetic signature, is channelled via  connecting with your higher self and bringing it in as physical art for you to work with and integrate into your light body. 


You will recieve both a pdf download digital file of your code and the original posted to you, as well as a guide on how to use your code, the benefits and more.


No two light codes are the same, as these custom codes are downloaded in the quantum fields specifically for you, to bring about major life shifts and realignment to a higher timeline for your highest and best, each code is sealed with light language. These are high frequency energetic work - please know you are ready for the upgrades! :)


Codes take about two weeks to be completed, this is all encompassing soul work - please be patient. Please send an email after purchase if you have a specific intention. Please add your name and location so I can connect via distance. 


Thank you


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